3 signs you have eating disorder

Eating disorder is a crucial mental and physical health disorder. A person with eating disorder could be overweight, skinny and even normal weight. Dealing with eating disorder could be seen through binge eating, counting calories and body image

Binge eating :

Binge eating is a serious sign in eating disorder in which you frequently eat and consume large amounts of food and unable to stop eating then you feel guilty for doing so. Some people who are dealing with eating disorder have said that they can go for days without eating or eating everything in one day without stopping, there is no in between, which can cause several health problems.

Counting calories :

One of the most obvious sings of eating disorder is counting calories When you're counting calories, it can be far too easy to develop these unhealthy eating behaviors. You're so focused on eating a specific amount of calories per day that it can lead you to constantly think about your food choices. Being so controlling over your food ultimately leads you to feel more out of control.

Body image :

However, negative body image is important for eating disorders because many people with eating disorder overestimate their shape and weight when determining their self-worth. This overweight and shape are a symptom of some eating disorders. These kind of people who are dealing with body image will constantly compare their bodies type and shape to others which eventually will lead them to some serious mental problems.